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Saturday, 15th June – Coliseo Juan Aubin Cruz Abreu, Manati

  • Liam Paro vs. Subriel Matias: Paro took Matias to task over 12 rounds, winning a unanimous decision and the IBF World Super Light title.

  • Alfredo Santiago vs. Angel Fierro: Santiago bested Fierro in a unanimous decision victory, taking home the vacant WBO NABO Super Light title.

Saturday, 15th June – Emperors Palace, Kempton Park

  • Jorge Garcia Perez vs. Roarke Knapp: Perez delivered a KO punch in the third round, leaving Knapp seeing stars and claiming the vacant IBO World Super Welter title.

Saturday, 15th June – Selhurst Park Football Ground, Crystal Palace

  • Chris Billam-Smith vs. Richard Riakporhe: Billam-Smith outlasted Riakporhe over 12 rounds, winning a unanimous decision and the WBO World Cruiser title.

  • Jack Massey vs. Isaac Chamberlain: Massey took the win with a unanimous decision, bagging both the Commonwealth Boxing Council Cruiser and the vacant EBU European Cruiser titles.

Saturday, 15th June – MGM Grand, Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

  • Alberto Puello vs. Gary Antuanne Russell: Puello edged out Russell in a split decision victory to claim the WBC Interim World Super Light title.

  • David Benavidez vs. Oleksandr Gvozdyk: Benavidez emerged victorious with a unanimous decision win over Gvozdyk, securing the WBC Interim World Light Heavy title.

  • Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin: Davis knocked out Martin in the eighth round to retain the WBA World Light title.

  • Carlos Adames vs. Terrell Gausha: Adames took Gausha the distance, winning by unanimous decision to secure the WBC World Middle title.

  • Mark Magsayo vs. Eduardo Ramirez: Magsayo dominated Ramirez for 10 rounds, winning a unanimous decision and the vacant WBA Inter-Continental Super Feather title.

Friday, 14th June – Bolton Whites Hotel (De Vere Whites), Bolton

  • Abass Baraou vs. Macaulay McGowan: Baraou took McGowan to school, securing a unanimous decision win and the EBU European Super Welter title.

  • Steed Woodall vs. Lerrone Richards: Woodall stopped Richards with a TKO to claim the vacant WBO Inter-Continental Super Middle title.

  • Ryan Kelly vs. Gerome Warburton: Kelly and Warburton ended in a split decision draw in their middleweight bout.

  • Ben Marksby vs. Miguel Cesario Antin: Marksby edged out Antin with a points victory in their super light clash.

  • Chloe Watson vs. Kate Radomska: Watson secured a points win over Radomska in their super fly battle.

Friday, 14th June – Leicester Arena, Leicester

  • Leon Woodstock vs. Tampela Maharusi: Woodstock emerged victorious with a points win over Maharusi in their featherweight encounter.

Thursday, 13th June – Zenith de Paris-La Villette, Paris XIX

  • Kevin Lele Sadjo vs. Durval Elias Palacio: Sadjo secured a unanimous decision win over Palacio in their super middle bout.

  • Bakary Samake vs. Julio Alamos: Samake dominated Alamos, winning by unanimous decision in their super welter clash.

  • Victor Yoka vs. Mathis Lourenco: Yoka outpointed Lourenco with a unanimous decision victory in their super welter bout.

Saturday, 8th June – Bally’s Atlantic City, Atlantic City

  • Thomas LaManna vs. Juan Carlos Abreu: LaManna didn’t waste time, stopping Abreu in the third round to claim the vacant WBA Gold World Middle title. Looks like Abreu will need to rethink his career choices.

Saturday, 8th June – Madison Square Garden Theater, New York

  • Bruce Carrington vs. Brayan De Gracia: Carrington proved his dominance with an 8th-round TKO over De Gracia in their featherweight battle. Carrington must’ve thought, “Why drag it out?”

  • Xander Zayas vs. Patrick Teixeira: Zayas showcased a masterclass in domination over 10 rounds, leaving Teixeira wondering why he even bothered showing up in their super welter clash.

  • Delante Johnson vs. Tarik Zaina: Johnson made it look easy, cruising to a unanimous decision victory over 8 rounds in their super light encounter. Zaina might want to consider a new hobby.

Friday, 7th June 2024 – Hollywood, Florida, USA

  • Adrien Broner vs. Blair Cobbs: Broner finds himself on the losing end again, with Cobbs walking away probably wondering why this wasn’t easier.

  • Michael Hunter vs. Cassius Chaney: Hunter turned the ring into a classroom and gave Chaney a ten-round education in boxing finesse. The lesson was so one-sided, the judges scored it 100-90 while probably catching up on some reading.

  • Yuniel Dorticos vs. Alan Campa: Dorticos, former world cruiserweight champ, didn’t need more than a minute to remind Campa why he held the title, knocking him out cold in the first round. 

  • Ian Green vs. Roy Barringer: Green, battling like a pirate with one eye, narrowly edged out Barringer. With scores of 96-94, 96-94, and 97-93

  • Antonio Perez vs. Antonio Williams: Perez showed Williams the canvas in the ninth and dominated every round. The judges all nodded in agreement, handing down a 99-90 score in a display that had everyone questioning if Williams just turned up for the paycheck.

  • Yosdiel Napoles vs. Wister Garcia: Napoles made short work of Garcia, dispatching him with a knockout only 1:48 into the first round. If you blinked, you missed it.

Fri 7, Jun – Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona

  • Oscar Collazo vs. Gerardo Zapata: Collazo methodically ticked off all the boxes for a unanimous decision over Zapata, scooping up the WBO World Minimum title as if it were the last piece of cake at a party.

  • Bryce Mills vs. Jose Marruffo: Mills treated the judges to six rounds of textbook boxing, earning a unanimous decision that probably had Marruffo wishing he’d stayed in bed..

Fri 7, Jun – Chumash Casino, Santa Ynez

  • Callum Walsh vs. Carlos Ortiz Cervantes: Walsh decided not to drag things out and knocked Ortiz Cervantes into next week in the second round of their super welterweight contest. With this win, Walsh picked up the WBC Continental Americas Super Welter title, presumably to use as a new shelf ornament.

  • Daniel Barrera vs. Christian Robles: Barrera played it cool and collected in an eight-rounder against Robles, taking home a unanimous decision victory. It was as if he was checking items off a grocery list, very business-like, very smooth.

  • Guadalupe Medina vs. Ashley Felix: Medina clocked in for a short day at the office, securing a unanimous decision after just six rounds. Felix, on the other hand, might want to rethink her game plan next time.

Thursday, 6th June – Montreal Casino, Montreal

  • Osleys Iglesias vs. Evgeny Shvedenko: Iglesias packed a punch with a knockout victory over Shvedenko, snagging the IBO World Super Middle title as if it were a piece of cake.

  • Steven Butler vs. Patrice Volny: Butler tasted the canvas as Volny delivered a knockout, claiming the vacant WBC Francophone Middle title. That’s gotta hurt!

  • Shamil Khataev vs. Ramadan Hiseni: It was a middleweight standoff with a majority draw decision. Looks like they couldn’t decide who wanted the win more.

Wednesday, 5th June – ProBox TV Events Center, Plant City

  • Vladimir Hernandez vs. Guido Emmanuel Schramm: Hernandez brought down the hammer with a knockout, proving too much for Schramm in their super welter clash.

Saturday, 1st June – BSFZ Sudstadt, Maria Enzersdorf

  • Bernardin Jakaj vs. Constantino Nanga: Nanga left no doubt, securing a unanimous decision over Jakaj in a light heavyweight clash that had the crowd on their toes.

Saturday, 1st June – Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

  • Kosuke Saka vs. Yamato Hata: Saka couldn’t withstand Hata’s power, succumbing to a technical knockout in the super featherweight division.

  • Kenji Fujita vs. Rodex Piala: Fujita managed a unanimous decision win, making a statement in the featherweight ranks.

  • Junya Shimada vs. Yuya Hirose: It was a featherweight stalemate with a split decision draw, leaving both fighters wondering what’s next.

Saturday, 1st June – Kingdom Arena, Riyadh

  • Nick Ball vs. Raymond Ford: Ball outpointed Ford, winning a split decision for the WBA World Feather title.

  • Hamzah Sheeraz vs. Austin Williams: Sheeraz turned up the heat and flattened Williams in the 11th, dealing a TKO in their middleweight bout.

  • Daniel Dubois vs. Filip Hrgovic: Dubois laid down the law with Hrgovic, sealing the deal in the 8th round to capture the IBF Interim World Heavy title.

  • Zhilei Zhang vs. Deontay Wilder: Zhang handed Wilder a one-way ticket to the canvas with a thunderous knockout in the 5th.

  • Willy Hutchinson vs. Craig Richards: Hutchinson delivered a masterclass over 12 rounds, walking away with the vacant WBC Silver Light Heavy title by unanimous decision.

  • Dmitrii Bivol vs. Malik Zinad: Bivol flipped the off switch on Zinad with a TKO in the 6th, defending his IBO and WBA Super World Light Heavy titles.

Friday, 31st May – Caribe Royale Orlando, Orlando

  • Kevin Hayler Brown vs. Idalberto Umara: Brown eked out a split decision in a nail-biter against Umara in the super lightweight bout. The scorecards might need a magnifying glass to see how close that was!

Friday, 31st May – Melrose Ballroom, Queens

  • Maciej Sulecki vs. Rowdy Legend Montgomery: Sulecki showed Montgomery the ropes with a unanimous decision victory in their middleweight clash. Montgomery might want to rethink the ‘Rowdy’ part of his name.

Friday, 31st May – Red Owl Boxing Arena, Houston

  • Andreas Katzourakis vs. Kudratillo Abdukakhorov: Katzourakis managed to squeak by with a majority decision in a closely contested super welter bout. Someone’s scorecard just dodged a bullet!

Friday, 31st May – Palais des Sports de Gerland, Lyon

  • Michel Soro vs. Oziel Santoyo: Soro delivered a knockout punch that Santoyo probably didn’t see coming in the second round of their super welter battle. Quick and decisive, just how the crowd likes it!

Saturday, 25th May – Royal Arena, Copenhagen

  • Dina Thorslund vs. Seren Cetin: Thorslund proved too much for Cetin, easily retaining the WBC and WBO World Bantam belts with a unanimous decision.

Saturday, 25th May – Auditorio Municipal, Jiqulipilco

  • Rene Calixto Bibiano vs. Sikho Nqothole: Bibiano breezed past Nqothole, snagging a unanimous decision in their bantam bout.

Saturday, 25th May – Centre Gervais Auto, Shawinigan, Canada

  • Christian Mbilli vs. Mark Heffron: Mbilli made quick work of Heffron, delivering a knockout punch at 0:40 in the first round to claim the WBC Continental Americas Super Middle title. With Michael Griffin officiating, judges Guy Girard and Pasquale Procopio barely had time to settle in.

  • Mehmet Unal vs. Rodolfo Gomez Jr: Unal unleashed a devastating TKO on Gomez Jr at 2:17 of the fourth round. With Martin Forest refereeing, the judges Richard Blouin, Richard DeCarufel, and Marie Josee Guerin probably wondered if they’d need a new scale for Unal’s heavy hits.

  • Arslanbek Makhmudov vs. Miljan Rovcanin: Makhmudov didn’t mess around, knocking out Rovcanin at 2:32 in the second round. Referee Steve St Germain and judges Sylvain Leblanc, Benoit Roussel, and Jack Woodburn might’ve needed a break to recover from the shockwaves.

Saturday, 25th May – First Direct Arena, Leeds, UK

  • Josh Taylor vs. Jack Catterall: Taylor found out the hard way that sequels can sting, with Catterall snatching the victory this time. Looks like we’re set for a trilogy!

  • Cheavon Clarke vs. Ellis Zorro: Clarke sent Zorro packing, securing the vacant BBBofC British Cruiser title, and leaving Zorro wishing he’d chosen chess as a hobby.

  • Gary Cully vs. Francesco Patera: Cully dominated Patera in their light bout, probably earning himself a few new Instagram followers along with the win.

  • Paddy Donovan vs. Lewis Ritson: Donovan decided to cut his workday short, knocking out Ritson and proving that it’s all about how you finish, not just how you start.

Friday, 24th May – Hala na Podpromiu, Rzeszow, Poland

  • Lukasz Rozanski vs. Lawrence Okolie: Rozanski handed Okolie a swift exit in the first round, turning the fight into a brief but brutal seminar on knockout power.

Thursday, 23rd May – Wayne State Fieldhouse, Detroit, USA

  • Jermaine Franklin Jr vs. Devin Vargas: Franklin decided Vargas was overdue for retirement, stopping him in the sixth and probably ending Vargas’ late-night fight career.

  • Joshua James Pagan vs. Roger Hilley: Pagan dazzled against Hilley, taking a unanimous decision in a light division clash that left the crowd googling his name.

Wednesday, 22nd May – Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, USA

  • Jorge Chavez vs. Sharone Carter: Chavez turned out the lights on Carter with a knockout in round 6, reaffirming that super bantams can hit like trucks when they want to.

Wednesday, 22nd May – ProBox TV Events Center, Plant City, USA

  • Batyrzhan Jukembayev vs. Ivan Redkach: Jukembayev quickly wrapped up his evening with a TKO over Redkach in the 5th, proving quick wins are sweet.

  • Jonhatan Cardoso vs. Adam Lopez: In a super featherweight scrap, Cardoso squeezed past Lopez by split decision, in what could’ve been mistaken for a contest on who could argue over dinner plans better.

Saturday, 18th May – Kingdom Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Oleksandr Usyk vs. Tyson Fury: Usyk played a high-stakes game of precision punching with Fury, snagging a collection of world titles by split decision.

  • Jai Opetaia vs. Mairis Briedis: Opetaia showcased a clinic in ring craft, easily snagging the vacant IBF World Cruiser title as if it were marked down for clearance.

  • Anthony Cacace vs. Joe Cordina: Cacace showed Cordina the ropes, quite literally, with an eighth-round TKO, and likely ruined Cordina’s plans for a victory party.

  • Agit Kabayel vs. Frank Sanchez: Kabayel turned the fight into a game of whack-a-mole, using Sanchez’s face for practice, and walked away with a couple more heavy titles to his name.

  • Robin Sirwan Safar vs. Sergey Kovalev: Safar flipped the script on Kovalev, schooling the veteran over 10 rounds in a decision that had everyone nodding in agreement.

Saturday, 18th May – Pechanga Arena, San Diego, USA

  • Denys Berinchyk vs. Emanuel Navarrete: Berinchyk scraped a victory in a tightly contested bout, walking away with the vacant WBO World Light title.

  • Brian Norman Jr vs. Giovani Santillan: Norman decided to wrap things up in round 10 with a knockout, snatching the WBO Interim World Welter title and probably leaving Santillan checking his calendar.

Friday, 17th May – Hotel Elysee, Rothenbaum, Germany

  • Karen Chukhadzhian vs. Harry Scarff: Chukhadzhian handed Scarff a boxing lesson and a unanimous decision defeat, just to add a bit of extra sting.

Thursday, 16th May – Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

  • Jin Sasaki vs. Joe Noynay: Sasaki, feeling punchy, decided to wrap up early with a TKO in the fifth, claiming a couple of regional welter titles as party favors.

Sunday, 12th May – RAC Arena, Perth, Australia

  • Vasyl Lomachenko vs. George Kambosos Jr:  Vasyl Lomachenko decided to cut the fight short with a technical knockout in the 11th round—because when you’re good, why drag it out? Division: Light. Titles up for grabs were the IBF World Light and the IBO World Light, because one title is never enough.
  • Andrew Moloney vs. Pedro Guevara: Guevara narrowly outscored Moloney, snagging a split decision victory to take the WBC Interim World Super Fly title.
  • Nina Hughes vs. Cherneka Johnson: Johnson edged out Hughes via majority decision, capturing the WBA World Bantam title.

Saturday, 11th May – Palenque de la Feria, Aguascalientes, Mexico

  • Eduardo Hernandez smashed Daniel Lugo with a TKO in round 7 in the super featherweight brawl.
  • Erika Cruz Hernandez vs. Nazarena Romero: This super bantamweight fight ended in a controversial draw, with the WBA World Super Bantam title hanging in the balance.

Saturday, 11th May – York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, UK

  • Francesco Grandelli vs. Nathaniel Collins: Collins delivered a unanimous decision victory in the featherweight category, snatching the EBU Silver Feather title.
  • Denzel Bentley overwhelmed Danny Dignum with a TKO in just the second round, claiming the vacant WBO International Middle title.
  • Ryan Garner defeated Liam Dillon by unanimous decision, winning the WBC International Super Feather title.

Saturday, 11th May – Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, UK

  • Rhys Edwards outpointed Thomas Patrick Ward over 10 rounds, securing the vacant WBA Inter-Continental Feather title.
  • Jessica McCaskill vs. Lauren Price: Price forced McCaskill to retire in the ninth round, taking the IBO and WBA World Welter titles.

Friday, 10th May – Midas Hotel and Casino, Pasay City, Philippines

  • Kenbun Torres floored Reymart Gaballo with a first-round TKO in their bantamweight encounter.

Friday, 10th May – Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel, Niagara Falls, USA

  • Mikiah Kreps outclassed Melissa Oddessa Parker, securing a unanimous decision victory in the super bantamweight division.

Wednesday, 8th May – ProBox TV Events Center, Plant City, USA

  • Sergey Lipinets outworked Robbie Davies Jr over 10 rounds, winning by unanimous decision in the super lightweight bout.

Monday, 6th May – Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

  • Naoya Inoue vs. Luis Nery: Inoue pummeled Nery, winning by technical knockout in the sixth round to claim the IBF, WBA Super, WBC, and WBO World Super Bantam titles.

  • Takuma Inoue vs. Sho Ishida: Takuma Inoue outboxed Ishida, winning by unanimous decision over 12 rounds, securing the WBA World Bantam title.

  • Seigo Yuri Akui vs. Taku Kuwahara: Akui outpointed Kuwahara, taking home a unanimous decision victory over 12 rounds to win the WBA World Fly title.

  • Jason Moloney vs. Yoshiki Takei: Takei dominated Moloney, winning by unanimous decision over 12 rounds and securing the WBO World Bantam title.

Saturday, 4th May – Estadio Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Evelin Nazarena Bermudez squared off against Jessica Basulto Salazar in a light flyweight clash. Bermudez dominated the fight, securing a win by unanimous decision after 10 rounds, successfully defending the IBF and WBO World Light Fly titles.

Saturday, 4th May – EDION Arena Osaka, Osaka, Japan

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez faced Ryosuke Nishida in the bantamweight division. Nishida came out on top, winning by unanimous decision over 12 rounds to claim the IBF World Bantam title.

Saturday, 4th May – T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA

  • Saul Alvarez battled Jaime Munguia in the super middleweight division. Alvarez proved too strong, winning by unanimous decision after 12 rounds, defending his IBF, WBA, WBC, and WBO World Super Middle titles.
  • Eimantas Stanionis took on Gabriel Maestre in the welterweight division. Stanionis emerged victorious by unanimous decision after 12 rounds, capturing the WBA World Welter title.
  • Brandon Figueroa knocked out Jessie Magdaleno in the ninth round, winning the WBC Interim World Feather title.
  • Mario Barrios defeated Fabian Andres Maidana by unanimous decision after 12 rounds in the welterweight division, securing the WBC Interim World Welter title.

Thursday, 2nd May – Montreal Casino, Montreal, Canada

  • Erik Bazinyan and Shakeel Phinn clashed in the super middleweight division. The fight ended in a draw by split decision after 10 rounds, with Bazinyan retaining the North American Boxing Federation Super Middle title.

Tuesday, 30th April – Holy Name University Gymnasium, Tagbilaran City, Philippines

  • Regie Suganob faced Kai Ishizawa in a light flyweight bout. Suganob won by technical knockout in the eighth round, winning the WBO Global Light Fly title.

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